What if we could use our skills to make the world a better place...

Now is the time to apply what we know effects change to issues that matter. Improving human health. Empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. Helping nonprofits, NGO’s and governmental organizations help more people more effectively. Just the start of a very long list. But the list that is closest to our hearts.



Founder / CEO

After years working for New York ad agencies as a writer, creative director, brand positioning expert and strategy director, Sarah has created a consultancy dedicating these skills to help brands and organizations serving a greater purpose.

With a rare combination of creative and strategic talent, she uses data-driven analytical thinking and human insight to reinvent brands and how they communicate to consumers.

Sarah has created effective brand positions and messaging for corporations and nonprofits of all sizes, from entrepreneurial start-ups to large multinationals. Her collaborative approach brings clients and colleagues together as an integrated team custom-built for each assignment.